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 Mary Mary

In retrospect – – – and in the face of possibly appearing rude, offensive, insolent or impolite – – – I have decided not to post anything about the contrarian “Mary, Mary.” I have been informed that the old English Poem may not have included ‘All pretty cuckolds in a row’ but rather was originally written as ‘All pretty mades maids in a row.”

Be that as it may, we move on to a more scientific element.

The following is a definition of cosmogenic according to WikiWacky or some other official source; damned if I can remember where I copied it from!


Cosmogenic isotopes are rare isotopes created when a high-energy cosmic ray interacts with the nucleus of an in situ Solar System atom, causing cosmic ray spallation.


I have it on an absolutely solid source that Cosmogenic means no such thing.

‘Cosmogenic’ is defined by my…

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‘Cosmosis’ is the process whereby two galaxies of unequal star densities – – – separated by a thin porous ethereal layer – – – drift toward each other; the greater drift being toward the denser galaxy.

And that my friends, is cosmosis.

Except, I failed to mention one thing; the hypothetical.

Now I ask you, dear reader, is there a difference between hypothetical and philosophical? I think not.

The philosophical hypothesis is an ontological construct; with the exception that ontology is a subset of philosophy. This is sort of like all gophers are animals but not all animals are gophers – – – except if they are prairie dogs. Then both gophers and dogs are specific animals but their beings are both existent and therefore ontological.

However, not unlike the galaxies – – – I drift.

Getting back to the process of cosmosis, I wonder what happens when the two…

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Mitch and John Doodle’n All Day

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Our Guys


Oh, I went to Washington

For to watch my pals

Mitch and John just a doodle’n all the day

My pals, they are not

A very spunky lot

Just a doodle’n all the day

Fare thee well,

Fare thee well,

Fare thee well; good bye and good day

For I’m goin’ to Kazakastanna

For to see my Auntie-Anna

Singing ‘John and Mitch are a doodle’n all day’

Oh, my pals, they are at best

Just an adequate pair

They keep a doodle’n all the day

With insincere eyes

And thinning hair

Just a doodle’n all the day

Fare thee well,

Fare thee well,

Fare thee well; dear RINO’s I say

For I’m goin’ to Irainia

Or possibly Ukrainia

Singing ‘John and Mitch are a doodle’n all day’

The administrations sittin’ On a idealist track

Singing ‘John and Mitch are a doodle’n all day’

A-sharpen’n their teeth

On a socialist…

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Witch Doctor

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Witch Doctor jpeg

I went to the doctor.

Which doctor?

No, not a witch doctor.

Well, which doctor?

You know which doctor.

No I don’t, which doctor?

The homeopathic doctor.

I think he is a witch doctor!

Which doctor?

The homeopathic doctor.

He’s no witch doctor.

I think both he and the other one are quacks.

Which doctor?

Both doctors – – – shams, one and all.

Shamans? Are you calling my doctors shamans?

Well one of them is a shaman.

Which doctor?

Yes, one of them is a witch doctor.

Witch doctor? I thought you said Shaman.

Both doctors, not ‘which doctor’.

Thanks for clearing that up.

What up?

Nothing is up. I said thanks.

Thanks for what?

Clearing that up.

What did the doctor clear up? I didn’t know you had something.

I don’t have something; I have nothing.

If you had nothing why did you go to the doctor?


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A real male doesn’t ring the bell a second time,

If she really wanted him, it would be sublime,

When she didn’t answer I departed quite sad,

I never thought our love would go bad,

They said that it was a victimless crime!

Men don’t wear skinny jeans,

Men don’t own figurines,

We are aggressive by all means,

It started in our early teens,

We think you are all queens,

It is imbedded in our genes.

A real male doesn’t ring the bell a second time,

Upon no answer, he thought it a crime,

He did not cry nor did he weep,

However he anguished in his sleep,

He felt diminished in his prime.

Men don’t wear makeup,

For young ladies to shake up,

They would rather wake up,

In their arms and make up,

And immediately take up,

From last night, not break up.

A real male doesn’t ring the…

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Some people do not like surprises. What a surprise!

Some people like surprises; especially on birthdays because it means someone remembered them.

Some people do not like surprises because they are unprepared to deal with the surprise.

Some people do not like surprises such as having their picture taken without permission. I learned this first hand when I was assigned to take pictures of my fellow workers for the bulletin board. I even took a picture of a particularly pretty worker sitting at her typewriter.

Boy was she mad!

And that my good readers, is what brings me to say that all surprises are a ‘good surprise.’


Surprises on birthdays or a really great gift on a holiday is always a good surprise; therefore we can eliminate ‘naturally good’ surprises.

Now how about the bad surprise like when you find out your lawnmower refuses to start. You have pulled the…

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The Phenomena of Light and Sound

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Tonight, once again, I sat on my patio enjoying a nightcap at the end of a busy day.

The sky had turned dark; not suddenly but much sooner that it seemed to have darkened a few weeks ago. It is now early September and I have read about an equinox or two having passed us humans by.

But the patio; I should explain.

It is a transplant from enjoyable days long passed. It came from Pennsylvania where we had a camper. The patio was attached to the camper at that time. Our camping days were terminated due to illness and I disassembled the aluminum awning and the aluminum fence-railing surrounding the camper. It was then transplanted off the back of our home by my son and I.

I enjoy the transplanted patio – – – it brings back happy memories. I only wish it brought back memories to my love…

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The Archives (A multi-media Post)

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Waldo J. Tomosky                           THE ARCHIVE                                               12/25/11


There are links everywhere and nowhere. Best of luck.

The sky was full of snow that day. The local radio station had been screaming something about a buildup of fourteen inches of the white stuff. I ignored it; or rather, I put it out of my mind. I didn’t want to think about getting all bundled up and then trying to shovel with those heavy motion-restricting clothes on. Besides, if I did not want to shovel then I only had one choice; the snow blower. That method wasn’t really much easier. The blower would toss the snow up in the air. The wind, with equal ease, would blow it back in my face. So my choices were to either shovel and lift or have a man-made blizzard blowing on my face and neck, only to have thawed snow drops fall inside…

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Another Cosmos Thingy

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Image credit GALEX _ NASA _ JPL_Caltech


Tonight was fairly clear and once again the stars were moving in a counterclockwise motion; barely detectable.

I wondered in which direction the stars in Australia move; clockwise or counterclockwise?

Probably counter clockwise; this would keep everything in order since their toilets flush in the opposite direction from ours. Hell, we wouldn’t want their toilet water to go in the same direction of their stars; that may throw the whole balance of the southern hemisphere out of kilter.

It is a good thing that the English put in place another one of their imaginary scientific thingies; the Prime Meridian. Otherwise we would not know who flushed their toilets on what day or what time. When an astronaut flushes his toilet and he makes one revolution around the earth in less than 24 hours – – – when did the flush complete; yesterday or tomorrow?

And by the way; clockwise…

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We offer – – – right here – – – for free, three new ways to keep your technical devices in tip top shape.

  1. Recharging that smart phone
  2. Watching ‘pay/view’ movies for free
  3. Perpetual power through that USB port


  1. Recharging that smart phone

We know that recharging that smart phone is essential to keeping up with the Kardashians (and the Duggers and the latest on the Ashley Madison rumors).

Therefore the following tip on how to keep that smart phone loaded with amps.

At night, just after you turn off the TV and before you go to bed, take a two quart plastic container (I prefer to use the ones that Wonton soup comes in from the Chinese restaurant) and place it under an electrical wall socket (any wall socket will do). We all know that there are very small spikes in the flow of current to your home. These spikes…

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