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This is post #1. It will tell you what I plan to post in the future.                           1

This is the first, and hopefully the last, boring post.

It has been said “If you are going to tell people something in detail then first tell them what you are going to tell them.”  That is what this post will do. It is simply a table of contents for 15 posts.

Right off the bat I must also tell you that there may be more than 15 posts. As I prepared this blog I changed several posts. Some I made two out of one. Some I made one out of two. And then some of the two separates I re-combined into one. As I went along my merry way it became obvious that I had no idea what I was doing.

If you get the drift of it please send me a comment and tell me so I will also know what I am doing (or trying to do).

One last thing; there is a lot of archived stuff behind this (see description of post 14). So post 14 may turn into post 14A through 14K. It all depends on whether the readers want me to expand and photograph some of the archived material.

If any of you who have a short drive to the Chenango County, NY Historical Society in Norwich, NY, (not recommended for those who must drive there from Australia) then you can peruse the appendices in person until you are blue in the face. My book form of this blog is located there; but there are not as many pretty pictures as you will see in this blog.


TABLE OF POSTS  (Continued)                                                                      POST #


Introduction                                                                                                               2

            Henry Birdsall

            Lt. Col. Benjamin Birdsall

            Links of comparison:  Public Policy regarding Transportation

            Purpose of this blog


Features:  Part 1                                                                                                        3

            Home sites, springs and privies

            Corral areas

            Dug roads


            Stone Fences

            Uplands pasture


Surface Artifacts                                                                                                       4

            Surface scatter and “Brunswick Patterns”

            Artifact grid pattern and provenance

            Artifact densities; glass, ceramic and other

            Artifact Assemblage Tree

            Diagnostic pieces; type, quantities and dates of manufacture


Maps and Remote Sensing Documents                                                                   5

            Canal Map: Canal Historical Society;   location within NY State

            Original Holmes Hutcheson canal map

            ‘1855’ Map: Tompkins Co. & c. &c., by L. Fagan

            ‘1863’ Map: Pomeroy & Treat

            ‘1873’ Map: Pomeroy, Whitman & Co.

            ‘1900’ (Approx.) USGS Map, northeast corner of Chenango Forks

            ‘1943’ USGS Map, Greene

            ‘1937’ Air Photo, Remote Sensing Lab, Cornell Univ.


Historical Documents                                                                                                6

            A discussion of the “Appendices” and Historical Documents included

            Henry Birdsall’s life prior to settling in Greene

            Benjamin Birdsalls life prior to settling in Greene

            A Comparison of their lives prior to settling in Greene

            Support Actors and their roles: Abram Storms

                                                                   Jean Guillaume deBesse, a.k.a. John Bessac

                                                                   David D. Davis

                                                                   Thomas Tew


Mode of Production                                                                                                  7

            The origination of the land

            Henry Birdsall’s mode of production

            Benjamin Birdsall’s mode of production

            A Comparison of the Modes of Production


Economic Conditions                                                                                                8

            Henry Birdsall and Family; a path through changing economies

            Benjamin Birdsall and Family; agents of change

            A Comparison on the Action/Reaction for/to Economic Change


Cultural Contacts                                                                                                      9         

Social Setting

            Neighbors and Cultural Differences

            Cultural Conflict

            Social Migration and gravestones; from Weeping Willows to Castles

            A Comparison of Cultural Contacts; Henry compared to Benjamin


Gender and Age Dynamics                                                                                      10

            Madame d’Autremont’s legacy on paper

            Polly Garnsey’s legacy on paper

            “I bequeath to my beloved wife – – One Good Cow”

            Care for the Widow

            Ann Burroughs’ legacy on paper

            Changes, over time; care of the elderly

            Status of female blood relations as compared to male in-laws


Class and Ethnicity                                                                                                   11

            Ideological ossification

            Dialectical research

            Lack of artifacts; a good problem

            Breaking known complexities into manageable parts

            Abstractions of extension, generality and vantage point

            Breakdown Matrices:  Extension, Generality, Vantage Point

            The dangers of the writers own Vantage Point:  Ideological Creep

            A Comparison of Class and Ethnicity: Henry, Benjamin and Descendants


Conclusion                                                                                                                 12

            Henry and Benjamin;  Brothers? One time Quakers? Other Questions

            Introverted Henry and Extroverted Benjamin

            Cemetery Stones:   Weeping Willows Vs. Castles

            I. G. Perry (architect) Mansard Roofs Vs. South (archaeology) Brunswick Patterns

            Revisiting Friends:   Bessac and Storms

            Reassembling the whole story (from parts that were manageable)



Bibliography                                                                                                              13


Appendices                (See Appendices Table for details)                                      14


            Census and Directory Records                                            Appendix A

            Excerpts From Historic Books                                             Appendix B

            Excerpts from Newspaper Accounts                                   Appendix C

            Surrogate Records                                                                Appendix D

            Genealogical Records                                                           Appendix E

            Greene History                                                                      Appendix F

            Henry Birdsall’s Farm Property                                          Appendix G

            Cemeteries                                                                             Appendix H

            Vital Records and Card Files                                               Appendix I    

            Miscellaneous Book Extracts                                               Appendix J

            “Making of America” (MOA)                                             Appendix K


Copies of Archived Documents                                                                               15

            Wills, Personal Property Inventories, Deed Transcripts, Canal Maps, Canal                            Contracts, Canal Board Papers, Death Certificates, Funeral Parlor Expenses and                         Newspaper Clippings


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