John Bessac is also known as John Befsac, John Besse, John Bass, Jean Guilliaume Bessac,

Jean Guilliaume de Besse. He was born on 4 Feb 1760 in Mon Valant, France, and died in the town of Greene, NY on 25 March 1824. [From “Bessac”/”Park” records located in Broome County Library, Binghamton, NY  local history section and various maps and census records.]

A gravestone is said to exist “in a field north of the Birdsall Family cemetery.” Through the use of existing maps Bessac’s property was located between the Birdsall and Storm properties in the early 1800’s. Although a questioning of the current property owners has been made none have ever seen the stone. A visual search has not been made.

The gravestone is reported to state:  “Bessac – Jean Guillaume, born 1760 in France, died 1824 on his farm in Greene ‘where he is buried in sight of his home and river he loved so well’, age 64. Only a clump of trees now mark the spot”. [From Echoes of the Past, page 364]

NOTE 1:  Abram Storm, a neighbor of both John Bessac and Henry Birdsall acted as one of the estate appraisers.

NOTE 2:  A George Park acted as the other appraiser. A life history of John Bessac’s son was written by a George Park. One copy is known to exist in the Library of Congress

The following typed documents are transcriptions of the documents found in the above Surrogate Court file. These documents are: a deposition of death of John Bessac, a pair of affidavits sworn to by the appraisers, an itemized list form inventory of his goods and a sworn affidavit that the list is true.

Note: All misspellings are transcribed as found in the handwritten document.

Document #1: Affidavit of death

The grave of John Bessac’s son.

This series of posts on the Bridsall’s is nearly complete. Next week I will begin a new series of posts. This series will cover the life of Jean Guilliaume de Besse (John Bessac), a friend of Henry Birdsall.

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