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John Bessac’s world had been turned upside down. His first love had unexpectedly left this earth. John fell into a deep dark fog and could not seem to emerge.

He sought relief from this anguish in the noise and bustle of Madrid. The metropolis was buzzing with life and fun.

It was at an evening social that he met up with several of his close friends from the Royal Guards. Untamed language and laughter flowed like the wine they were drinking. A young subordinate, apparently who had lost control of his better judgment, spoke quite disrespectfully of a female acquaintance of John Bessac.

John, still deep in sorrow from the recent loss of his love, took the insult personally and possibly even as an insult against that first love.

These words of the subordinate, against a female friend of John’s, would forever be repeated if John allowed them to stand.

John, therefore, and in a mild way, determinedly defended the senorita who had been spoken against. The subordinate vocally pushed back at John. Words were flying faster than the brains that originated them. The party broke up in mayhem. Those who understood the situation thought that in the morning wiser minds would view the episode as the result of too much wine; it would soon be forgotten.

John was on the way home with close friends when two figures emerged from the darkness. It was the obviously insulted subordinate and a companion. The subordinate immediately insulted John Bessac with the intention of recouping his own honor. John would have none of it. The subordinate called upon John to defend himself, and with that withdrew his sword.

John Bessac had only his bayonet to defend himself. Several blade passes were made at each other. The inexperienced but defiant subordinate soon suffered a wound and was prone on his back, minus his weapon and with John’s bayonet pointed directly at his throat. John, feeling the his new power, demanded that the subordinate recant his words against the disrespected senorita.

The subordinate spoke a few obligatory words of apology. John sensed the falseness in the young man’s words and demanded an abject and sincere apology. All the while John’s bayonet drew closer and more threateningly. The subordinate finally gave a deep apology in a submissive manner. The matter had been settled between the two.

However, the event had left John wondering about himself and what he was capable of.

John parted company with his friends and was involved in self-introspection for the remainder of the way to his quarters.

John Bessac had bullied another human. He had violated his own ethics.