It has come to my attention that I have confused my readers. I have two types of posts on this blog; SERIAL and STAND-ALONE

The first type are serial posts. What I mean by that is the posts are logically tied together and are shown in the “CATAGORY” listing.

However, that does not tell anyone where the beginning is; AND THAT IS CONFUSING. My apologies.

So I have added a pointer to the start of the three serial type posts that I have. This is a picture of that pointer;

 It is located at the bottom of the right hand list on each post. So feel free to click on it if you wish to see where any of the three serial type posts start.

If you were to click on it this is what you  would see;

(I will add pointers to the beginning of new serial posts as they develop.)

So where does this leave the odds and ends of posts that are stand alone?

Ooops!  I think I already spilled the beans at the bottom of that last example. But repition never hurt anything.

Since the odds and ends have nothing to do with each other and you might just wish to browse. I have them listed in the CATAGORY      “Odds and Ends”   which looks like this;

I am very adept at confusing people with details. I hope I didn’t do it with this post.


PS:  I am going to do the something quite similar in “The Short Stories of Waldo.”



But because everything is stand-alone in “Adirondack Images and Tales” I am not going to do anything there;



Ditto for “This, That, and the Other Thing.”



Thank you for your understanding and patience.   WALLY