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This is not what I expected to run into; AMBIGUITY. I hate AMBIGUITY.

The more I look into Isabel Paterson the more confused I become.

Isabel Paterson is either a brilliant observer of the progress of our world or an egomaniac. In fact, the more I think about it, she may be both. She sure isn’t a timid wallflower.

Therefore, while wallowing in my own ambiguity, I think it best to suspend any farther posts, regarding Paterson, after this one. I have purchased Cox’s biography of Paterson in hopes of clearing up my confusion.

If I find any information in Cox’s book that makes me more comfortable about what I am reading then I will post it. However, as well written as Cox’s book is, in the few chapters I have read, my concerns remain.

In lieu of my posting anything that may be politically leaning one way or the other, or just plain incorrect and damaging to Paterson’s reputation, I give you another person’s blog that lists links to several Paterson items. You can follow his links and see what sense you make of Isabel Paterson:


I apologize for leaving this work semi-completed.


As  final examples of the differing points of view on Paterson I refer you back to my previous postings and the obvious skew that a cartoon gives to her life.

The final viewpoint of a cartoonist.

A link to the final cartoon strip (#3)