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I placed the SoCo Manhattan on a coaster right next to my lounge chair. My tablet and pen were also on the same end table. I was now prepared for some serious work.

These are the Sealy highlights that I came up with:


140 Abductions

556 Assaults of both degrees

164 Third degree burglaries

957 Grand Larcenies of both degrees

445 Murders of the first degree

247 Rapes of both degrees

265 Robberies of the first degree (With several other variations)


There were myriads of other crimes; way too many to list by quantity; however, not too many to mention, this time in reverse alphabetical order:


Wrongful act

Weapon carrying

Voting offense




Public Officers; Misappropriation, Corruption, Neglect, Taking  (See Note 1 below)



Compounding a felony



Note 1:  These are now “Ethics Violations”, not crimes, exercised by the NY State legislature.

I first took a peek at the summary data on Monk Eastman’s trial.


TRIAL #421 Date: 1904/4/12; Reels(s): 73.

Defendant(s): William Delaney, Sex: M; Monk Eastman, Sex: M;

Charge(s): Assault (1st degree); Assault (2nd degree); Murder (1st degree), attempted;

 Judge: John W. Goff;

Defense Attorney(s): Cantwell; George W. Hurlbut; Moore;

Prosecuting Attorney(s): William Rand Jr.; Nathan A. Smythe;

Note(s): Alias Monk Eastman.

Stenographer Number: 514;

Page(s): 289 p.

Full-Text Transcript available: 421.pdf 

Court: Court of General Sessions



And then I perused the top page of the legal document.

Finally I studied some of the testimony:

 Soon I realized that I had accidentally found a hot link that pointed to Monk’s trial record.

 You are more than welcome to peruse the entire record yourself:

A link to Eastman’s trial record

I was happy to realize that I was using a platform that allows me to hot-key to these documents. I now had the ability to sit through Monk Eastman’s trial.

But this was just the beginning.