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I closed my notebook and put the leg rest up on my Lazy Boy lounger. I closed my eyes to reflect on the people I had just read about.


There was Francesco Purpura, rapist, who had taken advantage of a thirteen year old girl in the back of his shoe repair shop.


Then the semi-infamous Monk Eastman who was also known as William Delany. There is much more to be found of him than were in the trial transcripts.

Even Google and the NY Times knew about him.

Borges had compiled a list of the “inequities” that Monk Eastman had for sale.

However the transcripts only told a single story about him. He started his evening by carousing with his gang.  He ended it by attempting to shoot a private policeman.

And then they turned him into a hero.

A Link to The Soldier Hero Monk Eastman

Link to Eastman’s Guys setting up an “Inequity”


Ah yes! Let us not forget good old Michael Whelan the New York City building inspector. He could very well fit into today’s world. Michael attempted to hold the installation of a new boiler for ransom. If the boiler owners wanted to get a permit to install it they only had to deposit $25 into Michael’s pocket. They did. It was marked money. He was arrested. He was convicted. End of the story and Michael’s job.


The egg and butter thieves; now there is a classic case. Joe Harris and Harry Simon decided to steal cases and barrels of these goods and deposit them in Hirsch Seliger’s cellar. Hirsch received these stolen goods so that he could sell them in his upstairs store.

As the silly old poem goes;

“A bright policeman heard the noise,

and came to arrest those three bad boys.”

As I sat there relaxing other things popped into my mind.

A link to bad boys of the future


Well, I think four cases of those who sin are enough for today. We can visit others on our next post.