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How many of you read the title and thought “Southern Comfort Manhattan” instead of what you read? Tsk-tsk.


Is there any good trial that ends up with the defendant getting smeared without any substantial proof? How this trial ever got past the grand jury is beyond the normal person. Richard Lee is a dock master of the wharves at the east end of 20th Street as it meets the East River (yesteryear’s North River). He is accused of taking $38 dock rental fee for the schooner “Nellie W. Craig” and then recording it as only a 50 cent rental. There is no proof that it is Richard Lee’s signature on the documents. The judge rightfully directs the jury to acquit Mr. Lee.

The Boat Captains Venue    and “Old New York”


Finally, in the last of the ten trial transcripts there is the inept sixteen year old Harry Newman who decides to either molest or rape a six year old girl. The activity is put to a halt as the girl’s mother finds her child partially unclothed and inept little Harry exposed. GUILTY!

A Link to a Modern Version of Young Harry Newman


With these ten cases reviewed I decided to determine in which neighborhoods of Manhattan these crimes took place. I had all the addresses recorded in my notebook. My next step was to do a Google map search on Manhattan.

When the map appeared on my PC I had no additional work to complete. I was a little concerned when I saw what I thought I saw. Was I dreaming or was it the Southern Comfort Manhattan?

Right there, popping out of the map, were all of the alleged criminals that I had become familiar with. None of them appeared to be happy as the policeman hauled them off to jail.

Go ahead. Look at the rendering and then click on the policeman doing the hauling.

A Rendering of the Sinners Getting Hauled in


That ended the evening. I never did get to shovel the fourteen inches of snow that night. It waited for me until morning.

This is where my story ends; HOWEVER:

For those of you who wish to look in the archives and get details of the crimes I will execute at least one more post with links to the archives. That way, if you enjoy reading or scanning the microfilm it will be at your fingertips.