This, that, - - - and the other thing

Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans were invited to a wedding. After weeks of constant nagging Roy agreed to Dale’s preference that he wear wingtip shoes to the wedding. Roy was feeling bad that he could not wear his cowboy boots but he could not stand the onslaught of Dale’s naggaing.

The next day Roy slapped a saddle on old Trigger and rode into town. He located a shoe store and purchased a nice pair of wingtips that were cordovan in color.

With no place to carry a box Roy tied the laces together and hung the shoes over his saddle horn.

Roy was almost home when he had to ride through a narrow arroyo. Unbeknowst to Roy a mountain lion was sitting on a ledge just above his head. The mountain lion jumped, grabbed the shoes and landed on the ground in one stride. Roy sat there on Trigger not believing what…

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