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A violent confrontation between my gang and a constable or thirty took place at Glenrowan on 28 June 1880. I was dressed in home-made plate metal armor and a helmet.

Now I hate to admit this but it is a known fact. I was captured and sent to jail. They convicted me of three counts of capital murder. They promised to hang me at Old Melbourne Jail in November.

Darned if they didn’t carry out their plan!

Some bright fellow decided to take this picture of me the day before I was hung. They thought they would intimidate me but I was not to be intimidated by any of them.

Victoria Institute of Forensic Medicine

The VIFM, like Wikipedia, has a lot to say about me. However, I would like to tell my own story.

VIFM? Oh, that’s right, we didn’t use many acronyms back then. VIFM refers to the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine. I have spent a lot of time there recently.

Wikipedia says “[My] daring and notoriety made me an iconic figure in Australian history, folklore, literature, art and film.”

How would I know that? Well I may be dead but I am not stupid. I read the papers and listen to the news. And people at VIFM talk about me while I am present.

That is not nice. Do they think I am a former shadow of myself?

Because I showed you a picture of myself held in the VIFM archives I should be able to share a more recent portrait.

Here I am. Sorry about the lack of clothing. And the head.

If you look closely at the pelvic bone on the right you will see a nice neat round bullet hole where they shot me.

CT SCAN of Ned Kelly

Well I shot a few of them also.

Some of them at Glenrowan and some of them before that standoff.

Here they are:

Constable Fitzpatrick; I wounded him on a nice April day in 1878.

Sergeant Michael Kennedy; killed him dead in October, 1878

Constable Scanlan; sent him to meet his maker along with Kennedy.

Constable Lonigan; place him in the above October list of dearly departed.

Aaron Sherritt; Informer, that is all I want to say about him. He really screwed up my plans for Glenrowan. May God have pity on his soul; QED 26 June 1880.

Two days later I got a few more.

Martin Cherry; sent to “The Great Shearing Shed” on 28 June 1880.

 John Jones (11 years old); died the day after he was wounded at Glenrowan. I love children. I have no idea why they would credit me with this murder. Young Johnny just happened to be in the wrong place when all those bullets were flying around.

C. C. Rawlins; a volunteer wounded at Glenrowan. Why would anyone volunteer is beyond my thinking. Could have been the reward money.

Superintendent Hare; also wounded at Glenrowan.

Martha Jones (14 years old); wounded.

You know, now that I think of it, why in the world did Mrs. Jones allow her children to hang around her Glenrowan Inn when she knew damn well we spent quite a bit of time hanging out there. Especially when she knew what we were planning.

Glenrowan Siege

Ned Kelly attacking police from behind

I made quite the striking figure in my steel plate armor, smoke rising around me and the police looking on quite nervously.

These etchings don’t really show the beautiful armor I had built by a blacksmith. However the local historical people say they saved some of it. I think they just made replicas but who am I to judge?

Australian Archives

However, the National Archives of Australia has saved a lot of newspaper and illustrated rags that depict my few years of infamy. I am sure they would welcome you to look around.

Ned Kelly's Armour

And that was the end of my short lived career.

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