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On 26 June 1880 the Felons’ Apprehension Act 612 expired, and the gang’s outlaw status and their arrest warrants expired with it.

However, Dan and I had prior warrants that were still in effect. They still wanted to get us because of the attempted murder of Fitzpatrick. Steve Hart and Joe Byrne were free men. But, you know, the authorities could do whatever they wanted. The could re-issue the “Felons” act or any number of warrants.  So Steve and Joe laid low along with Dan and I.

On a lazy Friday in June, 1880, Dan and Joe rode into the The Woolshed. Aaron Sherritt had a tiny farm in the valley. Aaron was no dummy. He had a great penchant for book-learning. On the other hand he could be treacherous. Joe Byrne’s younger sister said he was a traitor and stopped seeing him. He attempted to lure my sister Kate into some sort of romantic thing. He finally married a 15 year old girl and settled on his parents’ farm.


Aaron and my gang were former friends. We knew that he would be trouble because we heard about him talking to police. He wanted to know what he had to do to get some or all of the 8000 pound reward. Aaron and the police made a plan. The police were going to hide out in a cave by Byrne’s place.

That is when Joe Byrne’s sister realized he was a double spy.

We had used Aaron to give false information to the police regarding our whereabouts and plans. He had been doing a good job at that. But then he decided to become a turncoat and spy for the police.

Four policemen were stationed at the Sherritt house that Friday in June.

Joe Byrne nocked on Aarons door. Aaron opened it and Joe shot him on the spot.

The four policemen sent to protect Aaron hid under the bed until the next morning.

It is too bad that we had to do that. Aaron was a nice looking fellow but you can see that treachery in his eyes.

Well enough about Aaron. Can’t cry over spilled blood.

Right now the fellows at the Victoria Institute of Forensic Medicine want to put me back in the box for a little shut-eye. Ooops, that didn’t come out quite right. Lost my head on that one.

What I meant  to say was; They want me to rest these weary bones.

Next time you come back I will tell you all the details about Glenrowan.