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Binghamton State Hospital

Nor does the picturesque Yankee village in the distance, nor even  the cloudy pillar of the westward-roaring, engine, whereby the Lord leadeth his people about through the way of the wilderness, impair the romantic charm of the scene. The piping of old Kit Marlow can be heard above all the puff­ing of new Jim Fisk.

(Note: This is a reference and comparison of the clear poetry of Christopher Marlow as opposed to the boisterous Diamond Jim Fisk, a “Gilded Age Robber Baron” – – – the clear whistle opposed to the puffing steam engine.)

Train going past Inebriate Asylum

With the final clang of the rising bell, the halls are awake and astir. There is leaping from beds, and much splashing of water; and the operation of toileting is performed not without various musical accompaniment, vo­cal, sibilant, and instrumental. Voice le Sabre de Mon Pere is delivered with martial ardor by Number 10; Number 7, inspired by convivial souvenirs, whis­tles “Champagne Charlie,” with ex­pression, while “Mary had a Little Lamb,” with variations, is pensively executed on a comb by Number 21. There are likewise imitations, versatile and judicious, of the voices of the ani­mal kingdom: the quaint iteration of the cuckoo proceeds from Number 9; the voice of the turtle is heard in the land of Number 6; a profane parrot draws coils and objurgatory compari­sons in Number 11; and an orphaned calf bewails the untimely butchering of its maternal beef in Number 14. Such the sportive relaxations of minds equal to nobler contemplations, and ready to rise with the occasion to sublimer ut­terances!

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