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The Sin of PRIDE by Dutch master Pieter Bruegel the Elder

“I speaketh to you Brothers and Sisters; forget not the seven somnambular plagues of Industry.”


And thus Fred then spoke to the first of the seven who walked as if in sleep:


“You, lead strides-man, thou are ‘Arrogance’,

from thine throat comes the roar of the lion,

yet yee knowest not the humility of time,

patience, perserverance and wisdom,

your roar finds itself covered,

as the moon covers the sun,

in full daylight,

the red corona,

of your roar,

is at once,

muted yet,



“Therefore it will be remembered and practiced by the least amongst you; the under man.”


Fred then spoke thusly to the second somnambulist:


“You, second strident among the worst of plagues are ‘Secret Society.’”

“You walk behind hidden meanings and the pressing of the hand.”

“You meet in once removed encounters in the dark of night.”

“Darest thou not earn your keep on your own?”

“Have yee not the courage to meet eye to eye,

potential disaster; to face its loneliness?”

“Are thee afraid to chance a win?

“Thou bind thine own self,

to other’s apron strings.”


“Thou art neither bad nor evil, but rather a simple follower; an under man going under.”

Thus spoke Fred


Tomorrow:  “Nepotism and Education”