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The Virtue of Faith by Brueghel the Elder, Pieter, circa1559



“Next to last is you, sixth sleepwalker called ‘Victim.’

“Art thou only a victim of your own self-deception?”

“Doest not thou maketh thine own death bed?”

“You bed with short term concern for self.”

“He who deservith shall recieveth,

the true deserts he has earned.”

“Thou are the under man,

who has gone under,

with each rising,

of the moon.”


“Though are the victim of short vision and short days.”

“Thine melencholyness is won by thine own hand.”

“Doest thou wish to leap from the palisade?”

“Doest thou wish to leap from the boat?

“Thou hast not the courage to use,

thine own hand for the task.”

“You dream other hands,

attempt the wish.”

But when it fails,

thoust lay blame,

on them also.”

“Trust not,

“your fate,

to me!”


“And you, ’Failure’, why do you skulk last?”

“Is it so that no beast or being should see,

thou in the throes of your own agony?

“Love thy self. You are very noble.”

“For you are like a good father,

showing right from wrong.”

“Do not take man under,

but rather over.”

You, Failure,

are a ghost,

a spirit,

an ether,



You cloud man’s mind with fear and paralysis.

You, Failure, should be a tool, not a barrier.

Walking with these will make you false god.

Stride alone and you will become a king.”


And thus spoke Fred.


Tomorrow:   Creation of the Automatons