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 The Last Judgement: detail of a man being eaten by a monster; by Hieronymus Bosch

The Last Judgement: detail of a man being eaten by a monster; by Hieronymus Bosch



The false leaders do not fight. They are afraid. The king says;

“cut the strength of your unit by ten percent”

and the false leader cuts fifteen percent.

And the king then scratches his chin

and thinks to himself;


“So he had five percent more men to spare than I thought.

I wonder how much surplus he still holds.”

The king conferred with his entourage

for advice and they all nod in unison.

And the king spoke to the false one;

“I asked you to cut ten percent

of one hundred men and you

gave me fifteen men.

You now have

eighty five



Give me another ten percent  – – – and you will

still have seventy seven and one half men”

“But sire” the false leader responded,

“surely you do not wish that

I cut a man in half do you?”

The wise king did reply;

“You are a smart man.

What do you propose

that I do?”


“You may take the whole man sire,” responded the false leader,

“and I will still yield you the eight plus another four

because you were so kind and understanding.”

At the next full moon the king returned

without his entourage and asked

for another 10 percent.

The false leader stated

that he had no more

men to give.


“Come now,” said the king, “you always hide

an extra ten or twenty men from me.”

The false leader repeatedly shifted

his weight from foot to foot,

displaying a sense of



Before he could give any more men,

a true leader stepped forward

and spoke to the king.

“Believe me sire,

before this group

gives up another

seven men I will

slay this false

leader with a

mace to the



“And then you, my dear king, will follow

him in your joyous departure.”

The king never returned

the challenge. In fact,

king never returned.

The king saw a true leader,

and gave him the right

to run his own


The false

leader was

not heard




“O ye growling and snarling king. Ripping a little flesh here and a little flesh there is dangerous. If you wish to butcher a dead beast then do it with haste, not with show. You have fooled the owl but not the hawk!”

Thus spoke Fred