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Old Man


There was a man called Olvir in Thorir’s household. He was getting on in years but remained very active. Olvir was in charge of much of Thorir’s business and acted as overseer of the estate. One of his tasks was to collect rent from Thorir’s tenants. Not long after the people had departed for the wedding party I saw Olvir preparing a skiff with twenty men on board.

By that time I was pretty bored with sitting around and not much to do. So I asked Olvir if I could travel with him. He said he could always use another good man and there was room on the skiff. I retrieved my sword, spear and small shield in preparation for the voyage.

We ran into fierce contrary winds but by tacking and rowing made very good progress.

We reached Atley Island late in the day and put to shore near one of King Eirik’s estates. The man in charge of the estate was called Atley-Isle Bard. We hauled the skiff up on dry land and walked up to the estate. Olvir told Bard of his mission and asked if he had a place where we could stay.

Bard, although from common stock, had a very nice way about him. King Eirik and Gunnhild were very fond of him. Bard found a building some distance from the main house and had a fire built so we could warm ourselves.

When we were warmed, and our clothes dry, Bard had a table set with bread, butter, other foods and sour curds. Bard apologized for not having anything else to drink. We were hungry and the sour curds were swilled down. Bard noticed that we were still thirsty so he obtained some soured whey which we also drank.

Bard apologized for not having much more to offer. With that he told us there was no shortage of straw in the house so we could use that to sleep on.

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