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Egil  Rowing

That night I ran into the deep woods of Atley Island. I stayed far enough from shore so that I would not be seen. Every time I spotted a boat there were men guarding it. I made a decision to swim to a nearby island.

I broke the long shaft off my spear and wrapped my weapons and small shield in my outer wrap. This I tied to my back and swam. It was nearly daylight when I arrived. I undressed and wrung out my clothes.

Apparently the king’s men had exhausted their search on the main island. I saw several of them put out in their boats and head for different islands.

One headed my way with nine men aboard. They split up into groups of three. The first two were search parties and started combing the island for me. I hid in the dense underbrush until they were far away. Then I snuck up on the three men protecting the boat.

Finally I was close enough to rush them. I killed one man outright. The second attempted to climb a cliff but I was able to hack his leg off. The third one took to the oars and tried to row away. I saw that he had left the mooring rope loose and I grabbed it. I pulled the man ashore and killed him. Once he was overboard I rowed all day and night until I reached Thorir’s home.


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