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Queen Gunnhild had two brothers, Eyvind the Shaggy and Alf Askman. They were the sons of Ozur Toti. There was a great feast in the planning and Gunnhild asked her two young brothers to kill at least one of Skallagrim’s sons or, if possible, both.

No one cared for the two brothers except for the King and Queen. They were powerful men but quite disagreeable.

Cheiftain Thorir prepared himself for the feast but asked Arinbjorn to stay behind so that I would not attend the feast. We did so and Arinbjorn told me why.

Thorir stayed close to Thorolf throughout the feast which lasted several days. Queen Gunnhild’s brothers reported that they could not get close enough to kill Thorolf. She told them to kill one of Thorolf’s men, “That would suffice to send them a message as well as even up the score for the death of Bard.”

Thorolf and Thorir went to bed one night but Eyvind and Alf stayed up drinking with Thorvald and Thorfinn; the two brothers that I had initially met at Thorir’s home. A drinking game proceeded and as the evening wore on cheating began on the drinking. Eyvind suddenly pulled out his short sword and murdered Thorvald.

Weapons were forbidden in the temple and the melee between the king’s men and Thorir’s men ended up without any others being killed.

Eyvind was sent to Denmark where his job was to protect the king’s property from Vikings.

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