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Eirik Bloodaxe

Because I was now in the territory of King Eirik Blood-Axe I only had one hope; my old friend Arinbjorn. He remained friends with the king and may be able to set up a meeting with him. My only hope was to be able to talk the king into a little leniency.

I went to Arinbjorn’s home and found a fellow outside. I sent him in with a message for Arinbjorn. “Would he prefer to meet me outside or inside?”

Arinbjorn preferred outside and brought all his retainers with him.

I told Arinbjorn of my situation and told him I wished to meet with my nemesis, King Eirik Blood-Axe.

We agreed that this should be done immediately. It was wise to do this before the king realized I was there and attacked without mercy.

Arinbjorn’s men and my men armed themselves.

When we arrived at the king’s residence Arinbjorn said “There is a man here who has travelled a great distance to see you.” He continued on for some time laying out some logic that may soften the king.

The king looked up at the doorway and saw me standing in the shadows. He said “Why are you so bold as to come visiting me, Egil? After our last meeting you could hardly expect me to spare you.

I went to the king, kneeled and took his foot in my hand. I then made a verse.


Headlong I came, hard-tacking

My Ocean Horse

Eagerly to King Eirik

On England’s isle:

Scion of the great king,

The sword scarer greats you,

The high-couraged one,

Confronts Harald’s kin.


The king stated that my crimes against him were so serious and many that I should not leave his place alive.

Gunnhild wanted him to kill me “Right here and now. He has killed your friends and your men and even your own son.”

Arinbjorn answered the Queen. “The king is not going to let you tell him how to do his dirty work. If he is killed here tonight it would be murder.

The king said “Then, you Arinbjorn, are responsible to take him home and bring him back here tomorrow. I will give him one more night to live.”

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