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EGIL battles Atli the short

I sailed to Hordaland and went to Ask. I took twenty men with me and left ten to guard the boat.

When I reached Atli The-Short’s home he was inside with several of his followers. I called him outside. They all armed themselves and came out.

I asked Atli for my rightful property, the estate taken from my wife, Asgerd. He refused and I told him “Then we will go before the Gula Assembly to settle the matter. He agreed to those terms.

The day we met at the Assembly Atli had arrived before me. He was speaking his version of the truth but it was all lies. I challenged him to a duel, winner take all, right there in the midst of the assembly. He agreed.

We each had a spear, a sword and our shields. We went after each other but both of us missed with our spears. Before too long both of our shields were torn up. We abandoned them and were after each other with our swords. I hacked at Atli and hit him several times but without severe damage. Finally I abandoned my sword and rushed him. He was knocked over backwards. I locked on his neck with my teeth and tore out his throat.

As was the custom he had brought a sacrificial bull that was to be killed by the victor. I grabbed the bull by one horn and its jaw in my other hand. I twisted him until his feet were off the ground and his neck was broken. I then made a verse.


My blade, blue Dragendil

Was a blunt shield biter,

Short Atli’s arts

Enfeebled its edges.

On the prating sword-pusher

I used my true power,

My teeth solved my troubles

And tore out his throat.

I then reclaimed my property.

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