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viking ships in Friesland


Arinbjorn planned a Viking trip for the summer. He had three long-ships and three hundred and fifty men. He asked me to command one of the three ships.

We plundered Saxony for most of the summer. It was a very profitable trip. Later in the summer we sailed north and put in at Friesland. It had been raining and the earth was quite soggy.

After negotiating a marsh we found some woods. As we went farther north there were some fields with ditches dug along side. The fields were apparently well drained by the ditches. Each field had a log across the ditch to get to the next field.

We soon encountered a village and our large force was enough to make the people run into the forest. We pillaged as we went along. The more northward we went the more villages appeared. We had more loot than we could carry.

By this time the combined number of men from all the villages was quite large. The had gathered in the forest. At that point they must have decided we were outnumbered.

They attacked us. We attacked back with our spears, halberds and swords. As they retreated into the woods I chased them.

I soon came to a ditch and the villagers had pulled back the log bridge. I leaped across the ditch and continued chasing the villagers. They stopped and looked at me. It was only then that I noticed that my men could not leap across the ditch. They villagers attacked me as I slashed with my sword. Finally I was able to throw my shield up on my back and retreated.

I leaped across the ditch to safety. However, my men thought I was dead and they had returned to the ship.

When I returned to the ship I found that a column of villagers were attacking my men. I hacked my way through them and joined my party.

We loaded the plunder aboard the ship and departed.

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