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Aida woods earls men


We gave thanks to Alf in the form of a nice fur coat. Alf was very appreciative and said that he could make a whole cloak out of it. We left his farm very early in the morning.

By evening we had reached the court of Earl Arnvind.

We had a good night’s sleep and had a meeting with the earl. I told him why we were there and the orders from the king. It was clear that we were there to collect the tribute and take it back to the king.

Earl Arnvind said that he had given the tribute to the king’s men, twice, and what they did with it he had no idea. He then said “I will give you all the tribute that is due to the king, but whatever happens to it and you afterward, I will not be responsible for.

Shortly thereafter I took my men, the tribute made up of furs and silver, and made ready to depart. Before leaving I said to the earl “I will take this tribute to the king. However, you clearly understand that it is clearly not what the king thinks is due to him. In addition, you should be considering compensation to the king for the envoys that I believe you killed before they could deliver it.”

I and my men departed.

What I did not realize was that the earl called in his two brothers; both named Ulf. He told them that if I ever got back to the king there would be big trouble. He asked Ulf and Ulf to follow and kill us.

Now these two Ulfs took thirty men and tracked us. They were very familiar with Aida Wood. There were only two paths we could take. Fifteen of the men went with one Ulf and hid by one path. The other Ulf did the same to cover the other path.

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