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Vikings on cliff


I and my men travelled until we reached Alf’s farm again. We were, once again, welcomed and treated very well.

I awoke early the next morning and Alf was waiting for me. He wished to inform me that his men had seen a large number of foot and hoof prints in the snow. Alf suggested that I stay with him until things quieted down. I said no, we would travel.

We thanked Alf and departed. No much after that we also so the large number of men and riders. I tried to calm my men by telling them that there are not many ways through Aida Wood and we are just seeing the signs of travelers.

Then we saw another set of tracks equal to the first. I told my men to get ready for battle. We took off our outer heavy cloaks and put them on the sleds. I had my men tie a large flat rock to my chest for protection.

We then saw a large group of men waiting for us by a rocky ledge. I told my men that they should fight their way up the slope and keep them busy. They did so.

I climbed the cliff and surprised the men from the rear. I killed Ulf and ten of his men. The remainder ran off into the woods.

I suffered several wounds, however none of them serious. Three of my men needed serious tending to their wounds. I did this and then we rode the sleds for the return trip.

The earl must have been in a rage when he heard that we escaped and he had great loses. He voiced his concern that the king would probably send a very large group of men to deal with him.

We reached the home of Thorfinn and his daughter Helga. She seemed to be completely cured.

Thorfinn told me that the young man who carved the original runes had some problems. It seems as though he had asked for her hand and when Thorfinn refused it he attempted to seduce her. Then he wrote love runes and these misdirected runes were what was making her ill.

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