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Episode 1. ALEX, Fred’s Alter Ego, Makes His Grand Entrance


One bright sunlit day I was sitting on my patio. I was drinking alone, as usual, enjoying my second Southern Comfort Manhattan.

I heard some footsteps in the driveway. Looking over my shoulder I spotted a fairly handsome fellow. He looked very familiar and I was trying my best to come up with a name.

My mind immediately went into overdrive. I did not wish, once again, too embarrass myself by forgetting someone’s name.

I am sure you have had that same feeling.

He opened up the conversation.

“Hi, you don’t recognize me, do you?

I had to admit my mind did not work as fast as it once did.

“No, you look very familiar but I can’t come up with a name.”

Embarrasing moment

He let me off the hook.

“I am Fred’s alter ego” he stated.

I had to admit he did look a little like Fred; maybe that is why I got the feeling that I should have known him.

But this guy was cheerful, smiling and chatty, not like Fred; dour, dark, brooding and contemplative.

“So what can I do for you?” I asked.

He responded “Well, first of all you can call me Alex.”

He smiled an innocent and truly amiable grin. He then added “Just listen to the other side of Fred’s story.”

“There is another side to Fred?” I asked.

He smiled that unarming smile of his and said “Of course; did you really think that his black and white story, without any give or take, was the whole truth?”

“I did – – – I did” I admitted with much excitement and no shame.

“Well there is a complete other side” he responded.

That was a simple enough request so I agreed to listen to Alex’s side of the story.

This is what he said.

“Have you ever heard of Lewis Carroll?”

“Of course I have” I replied. “He wrote Alice in Wonderland.”

“Did you know that Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known by the pen name Lewis Carroll, was an English writer, mathematician, logician, Anglican deacon and photographer?”

“No, I did not” I answered.

“Well here is my version of that story and the other side of Fred’s story all wrapped up in one” responded Alex.

“That is going to be quite a task” I challenged.

“I am up to it” rebutted Alex.

Then he continued “But I may blunder from time to time, just like Fred. So listen intently to what I have to say.”

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