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Episode 6: Part 2 of “Up the Rabbit Path”

alice tags EAT ME 

And so, Alex was sent on his way up the Rabbit Path.

He peddled slowly up the hillside.

After a few months he saw

a decrepit farmhouse.


The paint was mostly gone and the clapboards

were as dry as the Ancient Mariner’s deck.

There were several old outbuildings;

all in worse shape than the house

and each in worse shape

than the previous one.


Alex saw an old man in the yard. His beard was matted.

His hair was yellowed from age and neglect.

He did not smile. He did not frown.

He simply stood, motionless,

and emotionless.


Alex waved to him and got off his bike.

The dirty old man waved back,

 again, without emotion.

Sewn on his filthy

bib overalls

was a very

clean and,




Alex squinted his eyes to see if it denoted

the manufacturer’s name or sports logo.


It said “Eat Me.”


Not knowing if the tag was a joke or an invitation

Alex hopped back on his bike and peddled away.

He turned to see if the old man was still there.

He was; and so were several little boys

and girls (one behind each building).

They all wore the same unemotional

mask as the old man.

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