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Episode 7: Part 3 of “Up the Rabbit Path”


Rabbit on Bike

Alex kept on peddling his bike for several more months

and finally reached the summit of the hill.

There were a few impediments

along the way that may have

made his trip a little longer.


Some of these delays were caused by groves of trees

that stood right in the middle of the bike path.

On these occasions it always happened

that the bike path bifurcated

with one fork to the left

and another going

to the right.


It was also always true that

the left hand path

was the one less



This reminded Alex of his long-shortcuts

in which he had learned

those little things

about life.


These instances gave Alex a chance

to take the lesser used path.

It had many deep ruts

and blackberry


(which grabbed at his legs).


However, he learned how to make the ruts

work to his advantage.

The briers cut his legs

but it really was

not that bad.

Alex learned

that pain

could be



There were other groves that held strange lessons.

One grove had no right hand fork.

The only way that Alex

could get around

the grove was to

take the


path to

the left.


As he reached the other side of the grove

the road did not continue on as expected.

Rather, it continued in a circular path

around the grove.


As he peddled he realized that the road

was circular and led to nowhere.

After four years of peddling

the road suddenly

continued on.

(as one might suspect)


Alex departed this entrapment

much wiser for his experience.

Alex was deeply saddened

by his loss of years.

Alex copyright