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Episode 8: Part 1 of “The Tools of Peers” 


“Curiouser and curiouser’ cried Alice”

L. Carroll     “The Pool of Tears”

Alice in pool of tears

Alex found himself on a direction away from the “Grove of Circles.”

As he peddled along on his bicycle he realized that

this mode of transportation was quite deceptive.

It appeared to be very efficient and loads of fun.

In reality it was slow and repetitive.


Alex accepted the deception with grace and promised himself

to find another mode to reach his goals but

(in another burst of reality)

he knew he really had no goals.

And there Alex was,

once again trapped

within some


(and unknown)



It was a desire to get someplace and

the reality of knowing he had

no place to go.

It was as if

he were




(subject only to the ebb and flow of whatever surrounded him)


Alex thought and thought but did not know

what he should be thinking about.

It was as if he were floating

in a pool of water.


His hands and mind paddled at an alarming rate

but little progress was made.

People that knew him

noticed this



Some thought him insane. A few considered him

extraordinarily troubled.

Others interpreted it as

a sign of intelligence;

if not brilliance.

(these others included a beaver, a fish, and a moose)


His new acquaintances formed a committee,

and compared notes. The result was;

that Alex was deemed

“vexing yet benign.”


Alex (floating along on this ungrounded thought process)

met an Irishman floating in the same morass.

But the Irishman was older

and had more experience.

Alex noticed that

the Irishman was

holding on to

something to

stay afloat.


Every once in a while the object

would tip and Alex perceived

this floatation device to be

a book.


In fact there were several books; however,

Alex could only see the top one.


Once (when the Irishman was not looking)

Alex strained his neck and eyes

to see the title of the top book.

The title confused Alex.

He remembered the

Homerics and was

confused by the

wanderings of



Yet there was Odysseus’ alias inscribed

on the spine of the Irishman’s

floatation device; “Ulysses.”


Alex, always curious, waited for the Irishman to be distracted.

Once he was, Alex dove under the water to see what other

secrets the Irishman had. As expected, it was not

just one book; there were several.


There were “Animal Farm”, “Atlas Shrugged”,

“The International Language ‘Esperanto’”,

and several others including a codex;

“The Code of Military Justice.”


Alex thought “if this is all that holds the Irishman afloat

then I must also have these books.

So he obtained them and soon

discovered it was much easier

to obtain them than to

digest them.


But digest them he did; chapter-by-chapter-by-chapter.

He thought “This James Joyce is a strange character”

and “Orwell is on to something big here”

and “Rand has a great philosophy

but why all the horse shit and

gun-smoke at the end?”

Alex copyright