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Episode 9: Part 2 of “The Tools of Peers” 

pool of tears 2

While Alex was reading (pause for clarity) the Irishman

(see, if you didn’t pause you might think that Alex was reading the Irishman)

had floated to shore and disappeared over the horizon.

Alex admired the Irishman (to some degree) but

appreciated him more for the books introduced.

Books were tools.


Somewhat later, after Alex had floated to nearby shore

and disappeared over the horizon, “others” appeared.

Not the “Others” that you will find in those liberal

Anthropology and Political Science texts.

No, these others were not victims

of someone else’s imagination.


They were real honest to goodness flesh and blood,

and fur and fins and antlers “others.”


There was the beaver whose fine work;

was done meticulously. The product

of his labors, great dams and homes,

 could withstand severe conditions

(which was totally unexpected).

and the rigors of time

(which was expected).


There, also, was the fish whose acuity to the political

ebb and flow allowed him to avoid being

dashed on the coral reefs. The fish was

one of many in that school of thought.

They watched each other closely,

and made their decisions based

on each other’s movements.


There was not a creative fish in the whole school.

There was not a nascent idea between

the lot of them; but they survived.


Finally there was the moose whose antlers were certainly unique.

This comment is not meant to minimize the length of his legs

or the breadth of his hooves. The legs and hooves were like

that of the camel. The legs carried him swiftly

and the wide hooves kept him from sinking in

the mucky bottoms of the ponds he fed in.

His unique tools (antlers) allowed him

to harvest water vegetation

from the bottom.


The only trouble was that half of the time he had

his head under water and could not see a thing.

This petrified him because he never knew

where his enemies were.


These were

the tools that

Alex adopted;

the Irishman’s books,

the beavers great industry,

the fish’s acute political adeptness,

and, of course, the moose’s flexible adaptability.


These were the tools of Alex’s peers.

Alex copyright