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Episode 10: “The Case of the Raucous Caucus” (A short tale)


“They were indeed a queer looking party that assembled on the bank”

L. Carroll     “A Caucus-race and a Long Tail”

A Long Tale

Soon after the Irishman had departed,

the beaver, the fish, the moose

and several others decided

to form a group.


Alex asked “why this necessity for a group to be formed?”

Silence (enough to kill a frog) came over the others.

The frog complained; but to no good end. He died.

They (the others) all stood looking at Alex.

Alex stared back at them

waiting for an answer.

A tear ran down

the cheek of the fish.

He was overcome

with grief about

his friend

the frog.


The fish was a stoic one so there was not a bit of sobbing.

Only Alex saw the tear. The others were shocked at

Alex’s question and could not think outside

of themselves.


The moose thought “Oh-Oh. He must know

that I am afraid of the water.”

Likewise; the beaver thought

“He must know my teeth

are wearing out.”


The fish was not thinking about anything.

He had a big hole in his heart

because of the frog’s death.

The fish was not aware

of the other’s feelings.


They were worried about someone discovering

their most intimate secrets

(although the fish later thought about his lack of legs).

The other unnamed ones

all froze with their

internal fears.


Finally, after several minutes of this silence,

the moose regained his composure.

Still deeply concerned about

his secret, he meant to state

his thought

(he had only one at that moment).


His anxiousness caused him to yell out

instead of speaking in normal volume.

He bellowed


“The group is necessary to watch out for each other’s enemies.”


At that the beaver exited his semi-conscious state

and chattered his teeth at an alarming rate.

No one understood what he really said

but the fish wrote down


“The beaver wants the group to purchase a dental plan.”


When Alex pressured the fish as to why

he was taking notes the fish simply

made water bubbles

with his tiny lips.


The bubbles floated upward.


Finally the fish regained his composure and bubbled


“We need the group to ensure we all get to where we are going.”


When asked “Where are we going Mr. Fish?”

he had no answer. In fact, he had no idea

why he had even made that comment.


The chattering, the bellowing and the interminable

bubbles were almost lost amid the noise that

all the others were making.


There was braying, peeping, chirping, mooing, roaring

and the maddening silence of the dead frog.

The goal of forming a group

was lost in the




It was therefore – – – -short.

Alex copyright