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Episode 11: Part 1 of “The Babbit Mends In A Little Fill”

 “I almost wish I had not gone down that rabbit hole – and yet – and yet – it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life”

L. Carroll     “The Rabbit sends in a Little Bill”

Rabbit sends in a little Bill

During the very raucous caucus

(or muckus ruckus if that phrase pleases you)

Alex exited, stage left, to allow

his brains to unscramble.

He decided that meetings

were a waste of time.


Now he knew why some people referred

to meetings as “group gropes.”

Each person in the group

would grope for

his own needs

and ignore

(possibly even be unaware)

of others



The loudest ones usually got their way

whether they roared like lions

or cried like banshees.

Either way the loudest

got their way and

the very logical

got nothing.


Meetings usually ended with

an erroneous group decision

that was made with

parallel thinking.


Alex was taking one of his long-shortcuts

when he met an alchemist.

“What are you doing?”

asked Alex.


“Making valuable gold from lead” was the alchemist’s answer.


Alex was sure that the alchemist would trip

over his own shoes. They were soft slippers

with long toes that curled up

and backward towards

his ankles.


Little bells decorated the tips of the toes

and jingled with every step.


“Is it possible to make gold from lead?” asked Alex.

“Not yet” answered the alchemist,

“but I am very close.”


Alex was impressed with the alchemist.

Not because he might solve

a historical problem

but he had a goal.

Alex’s goals, still




The alchemist’s trousers were as fancy as his shoes.

They were dyed  heliotrope in color

and sported loops of bright sequins.

But most interesting was the way

they bloomed out

and were bloused;

tightly about

the ankles.


After a few hours of watching the alchemist at work

Alex realized that there were new tools at hand.

“Can I help you?” asked Alex.

“Yes” answered the alchemist


“but only if you sign the apprentice contract.”


“What is an apprentice?” Alex inquired.

“An apprentice is like a slave

who does whatever

the master wishes”

responded the



“You must be nuts” answered Alex.

“No. Not nuts. Just want to establish

the power structure”

said the alchemist.


“What’s in it for me?” questioned Alex.

“Knowledge; for one.

Membership in a cabal;

for another.”


And the alchemist continued;


“A personal introduction to a genie; for three.

And fourth; you may even meet

the Prince of Persia”

stated the




Alex was not sure if the alchemist spoke with pride,

hubris, ego, vanity, conceit, or self-centeredness.

“Maybe” Alex thought,

“it is just that

this alchemist

is vainglorious,

pompous and


I can




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