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Episode 12: Part 2 of “The Babbitt Mends in a Little Fill”


Alchemist 2

Following on with his brilliant questions Alex asked

“What’s this thing about an apprentice contract?”

“Very straightforward” responded the alchemist.

“You simply agree; 1) obey my every command,

2) never engage in gambling, and

3)above all, avoid fornication.”


“Whoa, hold up there Mr. Manners” blurted out Alex,

“I can abide by numbers one and two but

number three is asking a bit much.”


“I guess I can look the other way once in a while”

said the alchemist in a conciliatory tone.

“Where do I sign?”

responded Alex



And so the relationship between the apprentice

and master grew and weathered for

the full four years.


Alex learned about fire, bellows and crucibles.

He even made improvements

to the bellows

and crucibles.


Fire had been perfected by someone else

so Alex accepted that fact.

You would think that

the alchemist would

also respect fire but

that was not so.


There were several instances when his turban

caught fire and Alex had to throw

a bucket of water

on him.


By the end of his apprenticeship Alex knew

that the alchemist would never turn

lead into gold.


He also learned that the automobile industry

could not properly mate revolving parts.

This was due to voids in the

mating metal surfaces.

These tiny mismatches

caused the gasoline

engines to fail



Alex took one of the alchemist’s failures, BABBITT,

and turned that into a golden opportunity.

The BABBITT was sent in as a little fill.

Alex copyright