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Episode 13: Part 1 of “The Voice of the Caterwauler”



“(to a caterpillar) ‘Well, perhaps you haven’t found it so yet’ said Alice; ‘but when you have turned into a chrysalis – you know – and then after that into a butterfly, I should think you’ll find it a little queer, won’t you?”

L. Carroll                Advice from a Caterpillar


Caterpillar in color


Alex had a lot of leisure time now. His weekly income

from the auto industry gave him time to do

the things he always wanted to.

One of his desires was to own

his own automobile

so that he could

visit the grand



He drove for miles and enjoyed every month of it.

Some of the roads were unique. One was along

an old canal bed. Another went up and down

like a roller-coaster


(but, of course, not as steep).


His favorite was a helical shaped road that went

around and around as well as up.

Alex enjoyed the feeling of

de ja vue each time

he made a left



(which was continuously).


But none of his trips would be as memorable

as the one he was on now. It was a two lane

macadam road that followed a beautiful

mountain stream.


Alex saw an interesting dirt road to his right.

A rickety bridge allowed him

to cross the stream.


The steep mountains closed in on each side as he followed his hood ornament.


Suddenly the mountains parted and Alex

found himself at the edge

of a large flat area.


It must have been five hundred acres in size

and as flat as an English postage stamp.

The whole plain was covered in grass.

It was not normal grass;

it was blue.


Not the blue of oceans, nor turquoise blue,

nor the blue color of a melancholy.

It was not the blue of clear azure,

nor sapphire, nor peacock blue

nor the blue of despair.

It was the blue of



It had the same quality of an amethyst gem; translucent.

Alex departed his car and studied the grass.

When he stood up it looked like

a dark hue of blue.


When he lay down and looked across

the top of the grass it looked like

the amethyst of an

apothecary jar.

In either case

it was quite a




Alex removed his shoes and socks to enjoy the softness of this blue grass.

He walked around the amethyst plain for quite some time

before he noticed a stream along one side.

He ventured down the bank

and into the water.


The stones on the bottom were all the same size;

about the size of an egg. Yet they were

rather flat and pleasant to walk on.

The stones appeared to have spent

quite a bit of time in a giant

lapidary tumbler;

they were polished.


Alex reached down and picked one up.

It was onyx black with ivory colored

large spots here and there.

The spots were not clearly

demarcated as on a

polka-dot dress.


They were more like the penumbra spots on a brook trout.

They were faded around the edges.



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