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Episode 14: Part 2 of “The Voice of the Caterwauler”

 Penubric Alice

“PUT ME DOWN” cried a voice from seemingly nowhere.

Alex looked around, however, there was no one there.

“Put me down before I die” cried the voice again.

Alex scanned the blue grass but saw no one.


“Please, I beg you, put me back in the water or I will expire”

came the voice for the third time.


Alex perceived that the voice might be coming from the stone.

He carefully lowered his hand until

the stone was under water.

Nothing happened.


No voice, no movement, no sign of life.

After a minute or so Alex decided

that he must have had

a day dream in this

strange place of

amethyst grass

and shiny







He lifted his hand out of the water so that he could once more inspect the strange stone.


“Thanks for putting me back under water” said the stone.

Alex without thinking responded


“Why sure! Sorry about not listening the first time.”


“Put me back in so I can take a breath” pleaded the stone.


Alex did as he was asked and then lifted

the stone up again. “Are you a real stone

or a turtle or a fish?” he asked.

“A stone” said the stone.

“Now put me back.”


And so it went for the remainder of the next hour.

Alex dipping the stone in and out of the water

while trying to complete a conversation.

Finally the stone told Alex


“Walk downstream and you will find a waterfall.”


Alex followed the stone’s instructions

while holding the stone under water.

When he reached the waterfall

he lifted the stone up again

to ask for farther



The stone said “Hold me under the waterfall.”

“That way I can get enough water

to breath and enough air to talk.”


Alex followed instructions and soon realized

why he had heard gurgling sounds at all

the waterfalls he had ever visited.

It was the sound of stones

talking to each other.

He wished that he

had paid more

attention to

stones long

before this.


“I can now tell what I wished I could have told someone years ago” said the stone. “It is a long story so feel free to ask questions; if you must.”

Alex copyright