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Episode 15: Part 3 of “The Voice of the Caterwauler”

Bluegrass skeletons



The penumbriatic stone continued:

“Eons ago in this flat amethyst plain,

Music existed whether in sun or rain,

It echoed on the mountains ag’ane and ag’ane,

While the red summer hawk was carnivorously preyin’.


People came from a’near and afar,

Some by bus, but mostly by car,

The following brought elixir in a stone jar,

A wanna-be king and a Tennesee tzar.


So the blue-grass music played day and night,

While the clouds rolled by, dark or bright,

Eventually the moon played fiddle (out of sight),

And the night owl prowled in quiet stealthy flight.


The stream rolled by, oblivious of the noise,

Created by those grown-up country girls and boys,

With their banjos, harmonicas, and musical toys,

The audience had elixir and hookahs (their make believe joys).


Summer hawk and night owl with eyes e’spyin’,

Swooping talons exposed, in unison flyin’,

Picked up the singers and musicians (all cryin’),

Each and every one thought they were dyin’,


The winged ones deposited them in mountain stream,

And the caterwauling ebbed to a gurgling scream,

I was involved in that nightmarish dream,

For I was a caterwauler, or so it would seem.


Over the eons minerals invaded our bones,

And turned us into penumbrious stones,

Our caterwaulings are now gurgling moans,

The screeching songs melted into melodious tones.”




The stone then became quiet except for intermittent sobbing.

Although Alex had previously intended to ask questions

he avoided hearing any more of the story.

He carefully placed the stone

on the bottom of the

stream and fled.


(Alex never heard the voice of the caterwauler again.)


Alex copyright