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Episode 17: “Prig N. Pfeffer and The Mentors”

Alex's Mentors

Within a nanosecond Pfeffer spun on her toes and marched

away with Alex following obediently behind.

“These are your mentors” said Pfeffer

as she led Alex into a small

conference room.

Sitting around

the table were

three people.


The first was a man whose nametag

identified him as “Brad.”

Brad had a nice ponytail

tied in back with

a rubber band.


His arms were folded across his chest.

A manly-man stoic countenance

finished the look that he

intended everyone to see.

Brad remained manly,

stoic, and his silence

reinforced this




The second person identified herself.

“I am Lola. I am here to help guide

you through the politically

tough areas. My assets

are a pleasant manner

and a nice body.

Both sexes are

attracted to me

and that is a big

advantage in




Alex’s third mentor was a rather tall and handsome

man in a blue serge suit. His cordovan toned

wingtip shoes spoke well of his authority.

A yellow tie with small black polka-dots

alluded to his power.

Blue serge guy

“Henry is my name. I am here to introduce you

to the ‘correct’ people in the business.”

And to make his point Henry even

used two fingers on each hand to

emphasize the word



Brad gave his head a shake to show off

his pony tail. Lola moaned at this

obvious ploy of Brad’s vanity.

A simple smirk crossed

Henry’s face.

Pfeffer rolled

her eyes








Alex finally broke the thick silence with

“Thank you for being my mentors.

I promise I will meet or exceed your

expectations of me. I am quite

honored to have you guiding

me through this career.”


In his own mind Alex was thinking “What a bunch of crap this is!

They pawn off a bunch of imbeciles and the walking wounded

on me. I will probably do more to

mentor them than they will

to mentor me.”

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