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Episode 19: “Prig N. Pfeffer and Mayhem

Rabbit r and hatter dumping cat

Alex had made a request for new mentors

to be chosen from the forging works

and all hell broke loose.


At this heretic request all three of the

rejected mentors suddenly jumped

up from the table and started

running willy-nilly

around the room.


They accidentally bumped into each other,

bounced off the walls, knocked over chairs

and finally ran out of energy.

Pony tail cartoon

Stoic Brad was the first one to do anything

after the mass frenzy. He walked over

to a corner of the room,

sat down and started

sucking his thumb.

He removed it only

let out an



(His beautiful ponytail had come undone and was a mess.)

Lola having a fit

While that was going on sexy Lola laid face down

on the floor and started banging on the carpet

with her hands and feet. Each time Brad

wailed she would stop, look up,

and display the large wet blobs

of mascara running down

her over-rouged cheeks.

blue serge poser

Henry watched the others for a minute or so

and then walked over to the chalk board

that was mounted on the wall.

He reached down, picked up

two dirty chalk erasers from

the tray and started clapping

them together. The more he

clapped the erasers the more

white dust enveloped him.


You could tell by the insane smile on his face

(and those eyes – – those vacant eyes staring into nowhere)

that he was very pleased with himself.

His blue serge suit was starting

to be more of a robin’s egg blue

as the chalk dust settled

over the front of him.

His cordovan

hued wingtip

shoes turned

into a misty




Pfeffer was choking on the chalk dust and motioned

Alex to leave the room with her. Pfeffer closed

the door behind them and looked around

the cubicle area to see if anyone had

noticed the bedlam that had

occurred in the



(Everyone appeared busy at their desks. Pfeffer appeared pleased with her thoughts that no one had noticed because she {he, it} gave Alex a knowing wink.)


Alex thought

(to himself of course)

“Pfeffer thinks

that all these cubicle-people

are fooled by her actions, but,

the only one fooled is Pfeffer itself.”

As they walked by the desks Alex noticed

that many of the employees were quite amused

at what had happened. “Maybe they are more amused

at Pfeffer’s self delusion than with the chaos that just occurred

in the conference room with all those delusional half-ass mentors.”

(He added this information to his new knowledge bank.)         


“Come” Pfeffer said. “We are going to take you

to a ‘New Employee Orientation’ meeting

after which you will meet your new



Alex thought “Now she (he, it) is referring to itself

in the plural. Oh well, I should be able to

put my capabilities on display and then

they will have to promote me

out of forging.”

Alex copyright