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Episode 20: Part 1 of “The Rad Flea Party”

“Alice sighed wearily. ‘I think you might do something better with the time’ she said, ‘than wasting it in asking riddles that have no answer’”

L. Carroll     “The Mad Tea Party”

tea party in color

Pfeffer dropped Alex off at the door to another conference room.

It was labeled “New Employee Orientation.”

It was another one of those non-descript

doors found in the halls of most furtive


(whether labor, religious, city hall, or law firms).


Alex thought out loud “I hope this is not like the

previous meeting I had with my

sad sack mentors.”


“WHAT WAS THAT?” demanded Pfeffer.

“I hope this is just like my meeting with

those glad-tact mentors” lied Alex.

“What is glad-tact?” insisted Pfeffer.

“It means that I was glad that

 they were so tactful”

answered Alex.


Pfeffer was pleased that Alex perceived

the meeting as beneficial.

“In you go” said Pfeffer

as it shoved Alex

towards the



It glanced back only once and that was

to ensure itself that Alex had opened

the door and entered the room.


Much to Alex’s surprise there was a

long table in the room. Sitting on

one end of it was the moose

and the beaver

Purple Moosse


And in the middle of the table was the fish,

just floating around making bubbles,

attempting to look brilliant,

in his little world.


“Hi guys” stated Alex enthusiastically.

He was really glad to see more

sane beings than those he had

encountered on this

strange morning.


“Guys?  GUYS?” asked the beaver

apparently incredulous at Alex’s

term of familiarity.


“How about a little more decorum and awe?”

“But guys” insisted Alex “don’t you

remember me? We floated out of the

flood together. You deemed me

‘vexing yet benign.’

We engaged in a

raucous caucus

the day the frog

died from all

that silence.”


“Don’t be silly” said the moose. “There is no silence

during a raucous caucus. Even so, a frog does not

croak from silence; he is silent from croaking.”


“But I am Alex” insisted Alex;

thinking that insistence

might make it

more true.


“More pleasure, less nicotine” bubbled the fish

who was eager to join the conversation

but neither having much to say

nor wishing to be

too opinionated.


“Lite taste, more refreshing” he added

as an afterthought.

Alex copyright