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Episode 21: Part 2 of “The Rad Flea Party”

Angry Moose

Alex resigned himself to the fact that they

would not admit knowing him

(even if they didn’t know him).

“Now I am getting as looney

as they are” he said

to himself as he

pondered his




“We should be moving along with the orientation” remarked the beaver.


“Orientation – – – Orientation” bubbled the fish.

With obvious glee, he clapped his fins together,

and puffed out his gills with anticipation.


The moose opened the session by asking Alex

if he was more comfortable with a

republic form of government

or a radical form.


Alex stood back with furrowed brow.

He could not place the question

in the context of a corporate

orientation session.

His mind tumbled

over and over

the possible

(yet nutty)

combinations and permutations

of what the question

really meant;

if it meant


at all.


He finally asked the moose

“What do you mean

by your question?”


“My good man” replied the moose,

“I mean nothing by my question.

Questions search for answers;

and meaning. A question is

incapable of any meaning;

even if it has no context.

Questions seek meaning.

Now answer my



“I meant nothing by my answer” stated Alex.


“You didn’t answer” retorted the moose.

“You asked a question and therefore

I know that you did not mean

anything by it.”

(Alex wondered if this moose was his old friend or an imposter)

The fish bubbled wild-eyed in his bowl.

The beaver remained silent.

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