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Episode 22: Part 3 of “The Rad Flea Party”

“O.K. moose” answered Alex with contempt.

“Let’s RESTART this orientation.”


“MR. MOOSE” said the antlered one

and quickly added “to you!”

as he paced around

the conference


strolling moose

The fish became nervous about

the impending confrontation.

“New formula. More suds.

Whiter whites” gurgled

the piscine one.

crazy fish

The beaver forced his way into the conversation.

“Look. We are here to orient you to our culture.

The questions don’t do anything to clarify

our views. What the moose meant

by his question was to open

the conversation about

conservative versus

radical views.”

serious beaver

“I meant nothing of the sort. Questions have no meaning”

repeated the moose under his breath.


“Our orientation is designed to result only

in your viewpoints becoming radicalized.

I believe the moose was attempting

to determine a starting point.”

With this said the beaver

ended his remarks.

The moose and

the fish had



(All readers should pause here to replicate the silence. This is especially important if you are reading this story to your grandchildren.) 



“I am quite conservative” said Alex.

“Let’s start from there.”


“You have earned my admiration with your frankness”

retorted the moose. “In the spirit of being candid

I withdraw my question.”


“Thank you” said Alex in a more relaxed manner.

He also wanted to tell the moose that it was not

a really good question but more of a

rhetorical comment with meaning.

He decided not to push the point

for fear the silly moose would

become illogical again.


The beaver once more stepped into

the middle of the conversation.

“Here is the scoop. We are

strong supporters of the

‘Radical Flea Party’

and wish for you

to join our



“Never heard of it” said Alex.

“What does your party

stand for?” he asked.


“More” said the moose.


“More of what?”

asked Alex.


At this point the fish gurgled in.

“Less is more more – or less.”

“Think out of the box.”

“Walk the talk.”

“Pick the low



“It is





They all looked at the fish bowl and simultaneously

had the same thought; to empty it.

But no one voiced or acted

on the thought.

Alex copyright