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Episode 23: Part 4 of “The Rad Flea Party”


(In our last exciting episode the moose was becoming testy, the fish was becoming sillier and the beaver? – – – well the beaver was becoming more laborious – – – as that is what beavers are known for – – – in both senses of the word.)

After a moment of silence the moose finally

answered Alex’s question of “More what?”

“More fleas, we need more fleas.”


“But” interrupted Alex, “more fleas mean

more misery for you

and the beaver.

Why do you

want more



“No, no, no” answered the moose. “We want

more fleas that are radical. Radical fleas

don’t live on us; we live off them.

Radical fleas seek radical lives

and therefore don’t

bother us.”


“Hallelujah” yelled the beaver,

As he exited his laborious

state of mind.


“I still don’t get it” said Alex.

“Can you expand on

that thought?”


“Sure” responded the testy moose. “Radicals keep

the hoi-polloi stirred up. And the bourgeoisie

are so busy keeping an eye on the radicals,

they forget what we are doing to, uh,

I MEAN FOR, the country.”


“Tell me – – – what are you doing for the country?”

asked Alex incredulously. “Since when

did you start controlling

the country?”


“We, the Radical Flea Party, are the

orientation team in every industry.

We forced our way in under threat

of law suits; animal rights activists

are fully behind us”

stated the moose.


“Rad Flea – – – – Rad Flea – – – – Rad Flea”

chanted the fish in garbled tones.


“You know what?” asked Alex

not waiting for an answer,

“I think you guys are nuts.

In fact I don’t even think

you are the original

moose and beaver.

I think you guys

are imposters.

So long and

good luck

with your

Rad Flea



Alex continued; “I’m going to find my new boss in Forging.”


As Alex walked out the door

he gave instructions

(in a loud voice)

over his shoulder.

“If Pfeffer comes

looking for me

tell it that I can

find my own

way around.”


As Alex walked down the hallway he heard

the bubbly little voice of the fish demanding

to be put back in the bowl of water.

The moose and the beaver were

laughing maniacally.

Alex copyright