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Episode 24: Part 1 of “The Coquettish Round Queen

“The Queen had only one way of settling all difficulties, great or small. ‘Off with his head’ she said, without even looking around.”

L. Carroll     “The Queens Croquet Ground”

The Queen

Alex followed his ears to the forging works.

It was not hard to find for there was much

banging, clanging, hissing, clamor,

crashing and din.


This made the ground rumble and threatened

to retire Alex’s hearing.



The noise led Alex outside of the office building.

He could see a red brick building.

“This is where the noise

is coming from”

thought Alex.


Oil residue had escaped from the building

through the steel cased windows.

This residue besmirched

the beautiful red brick.

The stains took the form

of inverted keystones

and had not missed

a single window.


“If there is this much oil on the outside of the building”

thought Alex “how much there must be on the inside.”


Alex opened the door to see large balls of fire

appear and disappear in the

smoky atmosphere.


After each ball of fire there was a

loud and thunderous “CRASH”

followed by the ground shaking.

Alex strained his eyes and

could see some sort of

beings moving near

the fireballs.

And you, dear reader, can also see it HERE if you so wish

As he edged his way forward he determined

that they were humanoids.


The fireballs continued as did the crashing.

After a minute or two Alex carefully

approached the beings. They were,

indeed, men; filthy men with

scraggly beards.


One man had a tattoo on his bulging bicep.

It stated

(simply, in single stroke Gothic lettering)



Another’s tattoo said “Mommy”, however,

it was more ornate and

surrounded with lilies.


One man had a tattoo with the acronym “USMC”

and yet another’s was a black leopard.

There were apparently more tattoos

than men but the most memorable

(but not the best artwork)

was a ‘Jaguar under

the Sun.’

Alex copyright