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Episode 25: Part 2 of “The Coquettish Round Queen



Foundary worker

Alex approached the most

approachable looking

of the men and asked

where the boss

could be



The man cupped his hand behind his ear

as if to ask Alex to repeat the question.

Alex shouted “Where is the boss?”


After three repeats of this process Alex assumed

that the man was feigning deafness.

No feigning had occurred

and Alex was embarrassed

as the man lifted up a

small chalk board

and wrote on it



Alex erased it with his sleeve and took

the chalk from the man.

Alex hurried to write

“Where is the boss?”


The man erased Alex’s question with

his hairy arm and wrote

“In office” followed by

pointing to a very

large door at the

other end of the



Alex saluted the man as a sign of silent “Thanks.”


The man returned a snappy salute to Alex

and pointed, once more, to the door

that was located out of

the din and smoke.


As he approached the office Alex attempted

to focus his eyes to look through the

window of the door. It was

an impossible task due to

the oily grime that

covered it.


He knocked on the door and waited for an answer.

After a short pause – – – – – – – – –


Alex copyright