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Episode 26: Part 3 of “The Coquettish Round Queen

(Alex was in the forging works, standing at the door of his new boss)



He knocked on the door and waited for an answer.

After a short pause – – – – – – – – –

 Coquettish Queen

Oh hell. Who am I kidding? I was going to tell you that a big flabby dough-boy dressed as a gay queen committed an aria for Alex with an elongated and sing-song “Come in.” And also I was going to tell you that Alex was taken aback at the image of a pinkish-toned fat man with a miniskirt and V-necked tank top. I had planned to relate that the Coquettish Round Queen had chest hair exposed in his cleavage and that his day-old facial growth clashed with his “Copper-Rose” lipstick. The red wig was to be described as fairly close to acceptable despite the fact that it tipped to one side. The only thing that was to keep it from falling off was the description of a silver tiara that was tipped the opposite way.


All this I was going to tell you. However, there is no true way

for me to describe what was facing Alex.

My real reason for introducing

this character was simply

an easy way for me to justify

the title of this chapter

which had to be

a mimesis of


“Queens Croquet Ground.”


So now that I have humbly confessed

to sloppy authorship let us get on

with the story.


Alex asked “You are the boss of the foundry; really?”


“I am” answered the Coquettish Round Queen

without the slightest embarrassment

or explanation.


“And you run this forging works

full of roughnecks?”

questioned Alex.


“I do” said the queen and

she added very quickly

“with love.”


“That is quite a task” responded Alex.


“It is” said the queen.


“Very efficient operation” lied Alex.


“True” responded the queen.


Alex looked out the open door and noticed

two sweaty men furiously writing

on their chalkboards and

shoving them in

each other’s



When the queen saw Alex’s attention drawn to this

she explained “That is Joan and Mary.

They are always arguing

about something.

Nothing serious.

They have

never come

to blows.”

Alex copyright