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Episode 27: Part 4 of “The Coquettish Round Queen


“What tasks would you have for me Dear Queen?” asked Alex


“I understand that you have completed an apprenticeship?”

said the queen. It was more of a question

than a statement.


“Yes, with an alchemist” answered Alex.

 Arabian Alchemist 2

“Then you shall be called ‘The maker of dies’

said the queen. She immediately knighted

Alex by dubbing him with a tarnished

plastic scepter that had been setting

in the corner of the office.


Alex had never used a metal-cutting shaper

although he had seen a diagram of one

in a book entitled “The Operation and

Feeding of the Metal Cutting Shaper

as Found in the Tool-rooms of the

Northern Hemisphere; copyrights

assigned to the American

Association of Northern

Self Appointed



He racked his brain to remember what

he had seen and read. The queen

led the way to the tool room

where Alex imagined

the plane was

at rest.


As they rounded the corner Alex saw a man

writing on a chalk board and holding it up

for several others to read. The readers

were all sitting in rows of chairs

in front of the writer.

Alex looked at

the queen with

a big question

mark blazed

across his



“They are on coffee break” answered

the queen to the




“What is with the guy and the chalk board” asked Alex.


“Oh, that’s Isabella; he teaches philosophy

during the coffee breaks. He really loves

Kant but the boys want him to

teach them Nietzsche”

explained the queen.

Alex copyright