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Episode 31: Part 4 of “Black Myrtle’s Glory

Angry Alex

“Now hold on there – – – – whoever you are”

said Alex with his dander up.


“Myrtle. They tagged me Myrtle”

answered the black man.


“Sorry about that” said Alex.

“Sorry about the name”

he said, trying to keep

an upper hand in

the conversation.



“Nothin’ ta be sorry for” said Myrtle.

“I is down with it.”


“Well Myrtle,” said Alex,

“who are you

and what can

I do for



“I’ze da CFO o’ dis foundry, an’ I’ze here to fine out

why you getting’ pay’d so much loot”

answered Myrtle.


“I guess I owe you an apology”

said Alex as he quickly

realized that he was


(position wise, that is).                                        


“No man” responded Myrtle. “Maybe I coulda’

axed my openin’ question better.”



“The ‘chalky’ thing?” asked Alex.


“Yeh” answered Myrtle. “You see, I been

watchin’ you an’ I seed you can hear

you machine a’workin’. If you

can hear den you not usin’

a chalk board. Viola,

I tink you not

a chalky.”


“Oh hell. I misinterpreted you” apologized Alex.


“You still a honkie” insisted Myrtle.


“Your still a spook” answered Alex defiantly.


“C’mon Alex” said Myrtle smiling like

a Cheshire cat. “I mean dat lovin’ly.

You hard workin’ dudes from

east Europe is Bohemian

or Bosnian.”


An’ you is hunks, which we can

discuss privately, so we call you

Bohunks. Dat soun’ like

Oreo talk so’s I just

call you Honkies.”


“Thanks for clearing that up but it doesn’t help much”

answered Alex; apparently

somewhat still miffed.


“Best I can do” explained Myrtle.

Alex copyright