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Episode 32: Part 5 of “Black Myrtle’s Glory


“Now, about your name – – – -,

how did you get that?”

asked Alex.


“Pleased you axed” said Myrtle.

“You know what Myrtle is?”


“Yes” answered Alex. “It is a perennial plant

with tiny green leaves and grows

on the ground like a vine.

It has purple flowers

in the spring and

early summer; it

grows best in

the shade;

and found





“Right on man. I is green, like money,

as any CFO should be, and,

purple, like any black man

should be” answered

Myrtle to the




“That is pretty deep for a guy

named Myrtle” said Alex.


“You mean pretty deep

for a Porch Monkey?”

responded Myrtle.


“I meant no such thing” retorted Alex.

“Why do you keep bringing race

into our conversation?”

Alex asked.


“Justice” answered Myrtle.


“Justice? Who’s justice?”

asked Alex.


“You justice” Myrtle said without emotion.


“My justice?” asked Alex incredulously.


“Yeh. You Justice Department.

You knows who justice.

Dat Oreo Holder.”

Myrtle had finally

laid out his



“Are you speaking of Eric Holder

the Attorney General?”

queried Alex.


“Yeh, dat justice” clarified Myrtle.

Alex copyright