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Episode 33: Part 6 of “Black Myrtle’s Glory

dept justice

Alex thought for a minute and then asked

“What was it that Holder said?

I know it was something

about America being

too cowardly to have

a discussion

about race.”


Myrtle grinned that big

(almost benign)

smile that reminded

Alex of the Cheshire



“Is that what we are doing?” asked Alex.

“Are we having a non-cowardly

discussion about race?”


“Yeh” said Myrtle, “an’ you doin’


a good job fo’ a cracker.”


“You are doing one outstanding job yourself

– – – – for a dark cloud” responded Alex.


They both got the humor of the situation

at the same moment. Myrtle’s smile

became downright brotherly

and Alex broke into a

large toothy grin.

They grabbed

each others

hand for

a hearty

shake and




on the



Their laughter filled the tool room

and overtook the clatter

the machines.


“C’mon brother” said Alex. “Let’s go have a coffee.

I think we know each other quite intimately.

Now we can get to make

each of the other’s



As they walked toward the coffee area

Alex gave Myrtle a playful shove.

Myrtle returned the friendly play

with a forceful shoulder block.

Alex bounced off the wall

and almost fell.


Myrtle grabbed him and queried

Alex to see if he was OK.

It was a truly




Over coffee Alex explained to Myrtle

that he was highly paid because

he served an apprenticeship

with an alchemist.


Myrtle saw Alex’s point but still had a question.

“But you makin’ more money dan me”

noted Myrtle.


“It is all supply and demand” said Alex.

“Do you realize how many

CPAs there are?”

asked Alex.


He followed up with “and how many toolmakers?

The colleges are putting out more CPAs

than lawyers; and that’s

saying something.

At the same time

no one is training

toolmakers and

they now are

dying off,

left and



“Dat’s fine” said Myrtle, “cuz you gonna die

for I do. An’ like good myrtle I’z gonna

cover you grave an’ wet you down

every four hours or so.”


They both enjoyed a good laugh

at the allegory of Myrtle’s

graveyard voidance.

They shook hands

again but this time

with each other

clasping the


with their

free hand.


The friendly good-by was enough said

to make them trusting

friends for life.

Alex copyright