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Episode 34: Part 1 of “The Imposter’s Koan Drill

“How the creatures order one another about, and make one repeat lessons!” thought Alice, “I might as well be at school at once.”

L. Carroll     “The Lobster Quadrille”

Lobster Quadrille

Alex, like Pfeffer had promised,

was promoted out of

the forging works.


That was his reward for covering the Coquettish Queen’s

rather large rear-end. The productivity of the forge

had quadrupled. Alex had explained to

the chalkies that their future was

in their own hands. Thereafter

they paid homage to the queen

but instituted their own




Alex’s new workplace was the development lab.

He was thrilled with his environment

but was surprised to find

ponytailed Brad and

wing-tipped Henry

(his previous mentors)

also assigned

to the lab.


Once Alex had assured himself that these two

would not be his mentors he set about

planning out his future.

This was done by

visiting various

areas of

the lab.


He showed genuine interest in each phase of the

business by asking meaningful questions.

Alex also developed friendships

and working relationships


the lab.


Over the next few years Alex also sensed some

troublesome facts. Brad and Henry appeared

to have some type of influence within the lab.

Alex also noted that the third proposed

mentor, Lola, and Pfeffer

(from time to time)

would appear in

various meetings.

These two also

seemed to have

a following.


One day Alex found himself invited

to one of these meetings.

The invitation came

from Pfeffer.


The subject of the meeting was listed as

“Our Corporate Culture.”

Alex scanned the memo

for any additional

information that

might give him

a hint about

the subject.


But alas, there was not any more data

that would help him. Being a little

perplexed Alex decided that

there may be something

gleaned from the

invitee list.


The list only confused Alex farther.

Besides himself the invitees

included Brad, Lola,

Henry, Myrtle,

the moose,

the beaver,

and the



It was, indeed, a strange group.

Alex copyright