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Episode 36: Part 3 of “The Imposter’s Koan Drill

(In our previous “edge of your seat” and “spine tingling” episode Pfeffer {aka “it”}, suggested they use the Koan Method for defining their corporate culture. The beaver then asked for an example of such a method.)

And now; on with the story.

Pfeffer thought for a minute and then said

“Have you studied your books?”


“What books?” asked the beaver.

beaver dumb

An exasperated Pfeffer loudly answered

“The ones you bought while going

to college; you numbskull.”


“Why yes” replied the beaver respectfully.


“Well, – – – – – then burn them” commanded Pfeffer.


“What does that mean?” asked Henry

while fiddling with his silk tie.


The moose quickly responded

“It means to raise them

to the temperature

required to cause


That way

they will

catch on



“FIRE – – Fire – – – Fire” the fish screamed

while circling around and around

in his fire-proof bowl.


Brad ran to the doorway and grabbed

the fire extinguisher. Before anyone

could stop him he had sprayed

the complete contents over

the whole room including

all humans, beasts

and Pfeffer.


Everyone had cleaned themselves as best they could.

Pfeffer then continued her corporate culture session.

“It does not mean to burn books or anything of

the sort” said Pfeffer. “It is a question without

a specific answer. Whatever answer you

come up with is the correct one.

It is an exercise to get you to think

about answers that fit within

the context of our new

corporate culture.

We, then, can

define our


in terms

of our



Myrtle and Alex looked at each other in amazement.

“Pfeffer might be on to something”

they thought, in unison.


“Let’s try a puzzling one” said Lola as she

batted her eyelashes at Alex.

She knew that he knew

something and she had

to find out what

it was.


“OK” responded Pfeffer and continued.


“The CEO was approached by an apprentice toolmaker

who asked ‘How they hangin’?’

The CEO smiled and said

‘They aren’t.’”


The fish giggled at the story while the moose

was preoccupied with cleaning the last bit

of fire-foam from his antlers.

Henry had heard the strange

conversation that Pfeffer

had proposed to elicit

enlightened thoughts.


(you know; the conversation between the CEO and the apprentice).

Henry sat back posing thoughtfully

(for others benefit)

with his hand on his chin.

Brad and Lola huddled

together in quiet





The beaver frantically scribbled something

in his notebook while Alex and Myrtle

were lost in their individual thoughts.

Alex copyright